8 Steps to Experiment & Achieve Long-term Growth

Growth experiment process

Growth hacks can only go so far if¬†they’re not part of a global strategy. “Over time, all marketing strategies result in shitty clickthrough rates.” Andrew Chen’s Law of Shitty Clickthrough Achieving growth in the long-term is only possible when you have a well-defined growth process. It’s all about having big goals that you break down and contribute to via experiments. Experiments fail, experiments succeed and in the end, it’s a matter of creativity, optimization, scalability....


Total Automation: The Time-saving Power of Automating your Life

Total Automation: The Time-saving Power of Automating your Life

Ever replied “busy” to someone who asked you how you were? Everybody craves time, but few people really take action to save up some of their time. If you look at your actions items, you’ll notice two types of things. There are things that you should not do and the things you have to do but could automate. This article will help you automate or outsource the non-value added parts of your life, with a...


How to Growth Hack your Job Search (with real examples & case study)

Blog post: How to Growth Hack your Job Search

So you want a job, like… really bad? Whether you are looking for a change or looking for a first job position, we can all agree that looking for a job is a pain. There are too many/few offers, nobody replies or you always end up not being hired. Luckily, job search can be optimized and I have some hacks for you! What about jobs¬†coming to you instead of you having to look for¬†them? Job...


Digital Nomadism: How to Mix Travel & Work While Staying Productive

Alexandre Du Sordet digital nomad

Alexandre during his Web World Tour (SF ‚Äď Chile ‚Äď Sydney ‚Äď Singapore) Digital Nomadism¬†is one of those concepts that really resonated with me as soon as I heard of it. I first¬†read about it in the 4-Hour Workweek and immediately begun to learn more about it thanks to websites like Nomadlist. It made me realize that only a few people grasp how much you can do with internet & automation from virtually everywhere around...


How to Reach and Connect with Busy People (Template & Tricks)

Blog post: How to reach and connect with busy people

Have you ever dreamt of having a conversation with your heroes? Or reach out to the¬†influent/important person that could skyrocket your business? Perhaps you’re looking for a mentor? These kinds of people all have one thing in common: they’re busy. They also get contacted a lot and make a priority to protect their time from strangers. So how do you get noticed through the mass to¬†reach and connect with busy people? How to reach and...


How to Make Blog Post Republishing Work for You on Medium & LinkedIn

How to Make Blog Post Republishing Work for You

Why do we blog exactly? In my case, it’s to share my tips and reach the maximum number of people. Often bloggers will only promote their latest blog post to their audience via email and social media. I agree that’s part of an efficient blog post promotion and if you’re smart about it,¬†your promotion will be automated. Well, what if I told you that you could reach people outside your network while they are in...


2 Months Into Blogging: Results, New Topics & Vision

Blog post: 2 month into blogging

Dear¬†readers, It’s been two months since I started blogging seriously. Only two months and I feel like I’ve already learned so much more about content marketing by actually doing some than when I was only reading about it. I consider it as my personal lab. Sure, some will tell me I had already blogged for Now In Store and on HEC’s blog for exchange students but this is different. I’m not writing for some other...


Growth Hacking Resources – How to Get up to Speed and Stay There

Image: Growth hacking resources

Keeping up with¬†growth hacking¬†is not easy. It is still not well understood by everyone and is constantly evolving. If you’re new or¬†even not-so-new to growth hacking, you want to have a good base before trying every new hack. A classic beginner problem is the overwhelm that comes with looking for growth hacking resources: there are many. Some of them are good, some of them are not but still look good as growth hackers do their...


Growth Hack Any Business With the AARRR Funnel

Blog post: How to Growth Hack any Business With the AARRR Funnel

Growth hacking is not just for Growth Hackers, it’s a mindset. A mindset available to everyone thanks to AARRR funnel. In fact, Sean Ellis, the guy who coined the term in 2010 (and co-founded growthhackers.com) gave this definition of a Growth Hacker: ‚ÄúA person whose true north is growth.‚ÄĚ You’ve got it right, growth hacking is all about¬†hacking growth and it applies to anyone who wants to grow their company. It’s at the intersection of...


8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Website and Blog

Personal website and blog

Everyone’s online right? Well, I think everyone should have a personal website and blog. Whether you’re in online marketing, law or agriculture you’re going to have an online presence somehow. Do the test, try typing your name into Google and see what comes up. I bet you will have some of your social media accounts on the first page, followed by some genealogy websites. That’s if you don’t have your own website of course. Having...