Dear readers,

It’s been two months since I started blogging seriously.

Only two months and I feel like I’ve already learned so much more about content marketing by actually doing some than when I was only reading about it. I consider it as my personal lab. Sure, some will tell me I had already blogged for Now In Store and on HEC’s blog for exchange students but this is different. I’m not writing for some other company’s audience, I’m building my own.

Results and ideas

Since the blog post I published on August 28th about app store ratings & reviews, I’ve had about 700 people come visit my website and my email list jumped from 34 to 203 subscribers. I also created a Facebook page that now has 167 likes. That’s not Neil Patel’s blog but I don’t pretend to be at his level. Content marketing takes time and I’m in for the long run!

If I look back at my experience until now, I can say I’ve been good at being consistent at blogging once a week, which is one of the most important things when you start a blog. I also realize I need to spend more time promoting my posts (which in turn could be a blog post in itself!) and successful bloggers often say you should spend 20% writing your post and 80% promoting it.

Now I’ve done a pretty good job at automating the most important promotional tactics, like social media posts and email marketing but some other channels cannot be automated and hence require more time and efforts. I’m talking about making my website always better, replying to posts in Quora as well as on blog posts and social groups or working on my overall SEO for long-term results. My email list and social media following should also be growing a lot if the growth hacks I’m trying work well!

New Topics

In terms of topics, I think I’ve found a sweet spot on which ones I could expand indefinitely as growth hacking is always moving. I want to keep my focus on growth hacking and digital marketing but also want to tackle other topics that are applications of the growth hacker mindset to different areas of life like productivity, personal finance or personal branding & development.

I think I’ll run into interesting things by applying a growth data-driven approach and low-input/high-output thinking to other areas. If you think about it: it’s all about working towards your desired output via the testing and optimization of different hypothesis. It’s the process of finding your system and automating it (aka growth engine).

I also want to open the blog to guest posts to get insights from experts on topics they excel in. If you’re interested, let me know! That means I’ll also be doing some posts on other blogs which will help me get visibility, backlinks and more visitors!




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