Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a process of rapid and constant experimentation across your marketing funnel (called AARRR), which can lead to explosive growth. You know, the “hockey stick” when often refer to when talking about startups.

I have been a growth hacker even before I knew it existed when promoting events and doing lean marketing for startups. And I later discovered that I was not alone! Since then, it’s been behind everything I do regarding digital marketing and growth.

“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.”- Sean Ellis

What I love about growth hacking is that it’s a mindset before everything else, a mindset that can be applied to anything. It’s my mission to open my readers to the possibilities of its mindset whether it’s about life hacks, automation or web marketing.

Here are some good resources for Growth Hacking as well as my toolbox.

How to Monetize your Blog

How to Monetize your Blog

So you’ve started a blog around a topic you love? Congrats! Now that you’ve invested hundreds of hours into your new blog that has some great content and an audience you might think “Huh, why not monetize my blog now?”. I’ve just been... Read More
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