Impossible list


      1. January: Work on a guest post strategy in and out of my blog
      2. February: Website makeover with new theme, HTTPS & AMP-ready
      3. March: Quit my job & become a digital nomad
      4. April: First month as digital nomad in Thailand, pass my PADI and attend full-moon
      5. May: Explore & work from northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos & Cambodia
      6. June: Explore & work from Vietnam 
      7. July: Explore & work from Indonesia & France
      8. August: Back to Montreal & start of a new project (!!!)
      9. September: Launch of the Growth Interview Series
      10. October:  Having my startup accelerated & short trip in Europe
      11. November: Host a MTL+ECOMMERCE panel & participate in a soccer league
      12. December: It’s time for a website redesign!


      1. January: Workout each morning & transition to a more permanent expat status in Canada
      2. February:¬†I’m taking a month off alcohol with¬†#SoberFebruary
      3. March: Relaunch my blog with an event growth hacking guide & newsletter
      4. April: Finish up MTL+ECOMMERCE transactional website & launch a side project of my own
      5. May: Pick up swimming 2-3 times / week
      6. June: Bike to work everyday (2 x 6 km)
      7. July: Try new content channel a.k.a. podcast
      8. August: Structure +ECOMMERCE for expansion
      9. September: Start blogging every week & build my email list
      10. October: Read 30 minutes per day
      11. November: Focus on my blog posts promotion
      12. December: Improve blog SEO


      1. January: Meditate once a day with headspace app.
        Currently doing twice 10 minutes per day.
      2. February: I’m taking a month off alcohol with
      3. March: I registered for my 1st Spartan Race and am sticking to 3 trainings a week.
        • Update: it went really well as you can see here!
      4. April: Run a MTL+ECOMMERCE solo
      5. May: Participate to a Business reading club panel
      6. June: Find a job in growth hacking!
        • I’m now a growth hacking consultant for Yellow Pages Canada.
      7. July: Western USA 4’000 km road trip
      8. August: Visit 9 European countries in 3 weeks with Interrail
      9. September: Find a martial art and begin training
      10. October: Beginning of new project, more soon!
      11. November: Plan holidays in Europe
      12. December: get my Krav Maga yellow belt & finish my M.Sc. Ecommerce at HEC Montréal




Spartan Race

Spartan Race



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