If you want an update about my blogging strategy and the topics I tackle, check this recent article.

First off, welcome to my personal blog!

I have been wanting to have a blog for a really long time and here it is.

This blog post will be the only one about me, myself and I but I figured I owed my readers a proper introduction.

Who I am

My name is Ambroise. I’m French but I was born in Germany and have lived in Montreal, Canada for more than 4 years now. Learn more about my pathway in my Bio.

I currently study my passion : Ecommerce at HEC Montréal/Université de Montréal MSc. Ecommerce and have plenty of projects on-the-side. I’m an avid traveler lucky enough to have had the opportunity to discover new countries and continents. In addition to this, I’m always trying something new and experimenting on myself and my environment.

I have created an Ecommerce student association at my school which aims at promoting Ecommerce to all student programs through events. I also co-organize MTL+ECOMMERCE monthly events that gather more than a hundred web and Ecommerce awesome attendees at each edition.

Why am I blogging

As I have previously stated, it is something I have done in several occasions. I have been wanting to have my own blog for a long time now and in January 2015, I took the leap and started my personnal website & blog.

Although I’ve lived in England until I mumbled my first words (that were iEnglishsh), french is my mother tongue. I take having an english website and blog as a challenge and an exercise in order to improve my writing skills as well as my english level.

Being very curious (and sometimes hyperactive), I always have a LOT of ideas on my mind on the three main topics I’ll write about.

What I will be blogging about

As you might have guessed by now, the topics that strike my fancy are Ecommerce, experiments and travel and that is what I will talk about in my (hopefully numerous) articles. I will also try to add a student perspective to all that with some tips and tutorials for students such as myself.

In my posts about Ecommerce, you can expect some growth hacking tips, Ecommerce law and programming articles as well as great resources. I also have my very own ecommerce project you will hear soon enough about!

I will also blog about life experiments such as items from my Impossible List, life design, learning, languages and much more!

The articles about travel will address topics ranging from anecdotes, life-saving tips to vagabonding.

But I also need you

No, I am not going to ask for money and I never will.

I am a strong believer in feedback and I would really appreciate if you could help me with improving myself and the website by leaving constructive comments.

This blog (as much as I enjoy filling and improving it) is destined to my readers and I want it tailored to them.

Let the fun begin!

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Ambroise Debret

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