As you might have seen on my website, I’m constantly challenging myself with monthly experiments from my Impossible List.

In February, decided to go ahead and take part in the #SoberFebruary movement and abstain from alcohol for a whole month. To put it in context, it’s good to recall that I’m a (very) active university student and that my winter break begun on February 23rd. Occasions to drink were many. It’s also good to note that don’t have any addiction to alcohol whatsoever.

The goal of this blogpost is to share the (rather surprising) discoveries I made while not drinking during the shortest month of the year (smart guys at #soberfebruary).

To begin with, here is the list of events I went to in February and where there was alcohol

  • Wednesday, February 4th: Jam session in a bar with my music group, Groove Embassy
  • Saturday, February 7th: had some friends over and went to the Pomo + Girrafage concert
  • Thursday, February 12th: met a friend at a bar
  • Wednesday, February 18th : organized a MTL+ECOMMERCE edition where I served beer and wine
  • Thursday, February 19th: went to the restaurant to celebrate a great friend’s birthday (sake bombs involved)
  • Friday, February 20th: had some friends over
  • Saturday, February 21st: housewarming in a gorgeous condo downtown Montreal
  • Monday, February 23rd: end-of-midterms restaurant & bar
  • Wednesday, February 25th: trumpet recording and rehearsal for a new music project (I’ll obviously share it when it’s released!)

Now let’s delve into the main takeovers I got from this experiment whether bad or good.


  • Some people didn’t understand why I was trying a month off alcohol (they are the ones who need it most in my opinion).
  • If you’re taking a month off alcohol expect a fun feeling when you begin to drink as usual again!
  • Sometimes, you’ll feel


  • First, it really wasn’t that hard, just some basic self-motivation.
  • Social life
    • It’s easy to remain socially active even without alcohol.
    • One doesn’t need alcohol to have fun.
    • It allowed me to take a step back and gauge the reaction of some people towards such an experiment.
    • At the concert I went to, I realized I could see a lot more things than usual.
    • When people know you take the experiment and understand, they will respect you for it and encourage you.
  • Health : obviously, it can’t be bad to cut off alcohol for a month
    • Alcohol affects your sleep in a bad way. By just doing this small experiment, I felt I slept better and was less sleep-deprived.
    • I was more productive with no hangover days (even after 2 beers you’re not as productive the day after)

As you can see, this one has been an experiment for me and I really encourage you to take it too, whether be it in February 2016 or any month before!

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